KOTRA Zurich acts as a bridge to connect Swiss buyers, importers, distributors and investors to the most appropriate business partners in Korea through our wide-range network. We also host and organize international as well as local events and invites buyers and investors  in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Through this website we introduce our services and provide you with the latest information about our events and introduce you to our selected suppliers. 


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KOTRA Zurich has established the detailed process about how to participate in our global events with 7 steps. Each step requires responsibility from both parties: KOTRA Zurich and Swiss&European buyers as below. We also provide you with financial as well as administrative support for your visit to event-hosting countries.


* Your contact point regarding the participation process: Ms. Sehee Kim

Swiss & European Buyers

KOTRA Zurich

HQ will screen your application and qualifications, and it will take about 2-3 weeks.

Approval as a buyer will be decided on your interest in business with Korean companies as well as your purchasing power. We will do our best to convince the HQ to approve your application.



Buyer Approval

Fill out the buyer application form with the support of KOTRA Zurich and select Korean suppliers which you hope to have a meeting with.

We will provide more information on the events, help you to complete the application and submit it to the HQ on behalf of you.

Your registration will be informed in real time to us and we will contact you within 2 working days.

Register for the events which you are interested in via our website or sending us an email.

Travel Preparation

If your application is approved, you shall purchase the flight/train tickets and provide us with your detailed travel information. 

We will inform about your travel plan to the hosting countries, meanwhile, your B2B meetings with Korean suppliers will be organized. 

You will visit the hosting countries and meet with Korean suppliers during the events. KOTRA staff will assist you on the spot.

Event Participation (B2B Meetings)

Upon your arrival our HQ in Seoul or branch offices of the hosting countries will assist you with your transfer to hotels, stay and having B2B meetings. 

Follow Up


After you successfully participate in our events, your travel expenses will be reimbursed.

The HQ and KOTRA Zurich will evaluate your participation and reimburse your travel expenses within 45 days.  

Follow up with the Korean companies you meet during events and update us about progress.

Help you communicate and further proceed with business with the Korean companies and keep you updated on related events in the future. 

*Reimbursement: KOTRA's financial support (transport expenses, accommodation, transfer, etc.) for the 

buyers who visit South Korea to attend our events is conditional and can vary depending on the situations.