KOTRA Zurich acts as a bridge to connect Swiss buyers, importers, distributors and investors to the most appropriate business partners in Korea through our wide-range network. We also host and organize international as well as local events and invites buyers and investors  in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Through this website we introduce our services and provide you with the latest information about our events and introduce you to our selected suppliers. 


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Korea is the 5th largest exporter and a global leader in a wide range of industrial sectors. Korea's semiconductor, display, auto parts, chemicals, ICT, and steel industries rank no.1 in global competitiveness. The FTA between EFTA and Korea entered into force in 2006. Korea was also the EU's first trade deal among the Asian countries and the bilateral trade in goods between the EU and Korea has reached a record level of over €90 billion in 2015.


KOTRA Zurich presents and introduces Korean suppliers through this website, and also assists you with finding the best-fit Korean partners. In 2018, the marketing team of KOTRA Zurich chose two most promising industries in Korea: K-Beauty and K-Food, which have gained global recognition and now became the worldwide trend. 


If you need help to find Korean suppliers or any specific products, please contact us

buyKorea is a global B2B

e-marketplace and connects international buyers and Korean suppliers. Click the arrow below to visit www.buykorea.org.

KOTRA's one of the most important services is acting as a branch office of Korean companies. This service is called Jisahwa and KOTRA Zurich presents as a branch office of 22 manufacturers.

KOTRA Zurich has identified 14  Korean innovative and leading suppliers for 2018. Here you can find out more about the selected suppliers. 

Korean beauty products are the new beauty trend to become a global phenomenon. See our directory of over 170 Korean beauty suppliers.

Hansik (Korean food) is gaining worldwide popularity and its exports of agricultural products and food amounted to 7 billions USD in 2017.