KOTRA Zurich acts as a bridge to connect Swiss buyers, importers, distributors and investors to the most appropriate business partners in Korea through our wide-range network. We also host and organize international as well as local events and invites buyers and investors  in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Through this website we introduce our services and provide you with the latest information about our events and introduce you to our selected suppliers. 


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Thank you for your visit. We built this site for the purpose of facilitating trade and direct investment relations between Swiss and Korean businesses.   KOTRA Zurich has been in Zurich for almost 50 years as a branch office of KOTRA (Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), which was incorporated in 1962 by the Korean government in order to promote the overseas trade and foreign direct investment of Korea.

Based on the different industrial structure of both counties, KOREA and Switzerland have been in complementary relations through the exchange of goods and services as well as a variety of investment activities.   Korea is now one of the most important export countries of Switzerland and direct investment from Switzerland into Korea ever grows ranging from manufacturing to service sectors.   Swiss investors want to utilize Korea’s huge potentials across the wide range of industries and its strategic location close to the big markets like China, Japan and Russia.   Currently most of major Swiss businesses have presence in Korea.   Korea is now ranked the 11th largest economy in the world ahead of Russia, Spain and Mexico with the diversified and competitive industries in the areas of machinery, transportation equipment, electronics, semi-conductors, chemicals, textile and telecommunication equipment, etc..   42 % of our GDP is generated by export to every corner of the world, especially to China, Southeast Asian countries and India.


KOTRA Zurich hopes that this site is useful by making communication easy for Swiss businesses striving to set up business relations with Korean counterparts by buying Korean products and starting businesses in Korea.  We wish our service meets your needs and serves you better.

with regards,

Dooyoung Lee

Director General