KOTRA Zurich acts as a bridge to connect Swiss buyers, importers, distributors and investors to the most appropriate business partners in Korea through our wide-range network. We also host and organize international as well as local events and invites buyers and investors  in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Through this website we introduce our services and provide you with the latest information about our events and introduce you to our selected suppliers. 


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Claridenstrasse 22

8002 Zurich Switzerland


The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is promoting trade with and investment in Korea. 

Through this new marketing channel, we provide you with further information about our events (trade fairs, on-site B2B meetings, Korean Pavilions, etc.) organized and sponsored by KOTRA. We present selected innovative Korean suppliers and help you find the best Korean partners for your business.

Please find out more about KOTRA Zurich as well as our headquarters in Seoul below. 

KOTRA Zurich 

KOTRA Zurich, one of the KOTRA's 129 overseas offices, acts as a bridge between Switzerland and Korea for international trade and investment. We have been committed to promoting mutual prosperity between Korea and Switzerland and Liechtenstein by facilitating commerce and investment.

    Our Main Services

    1. Business Matchmaking

    2. Global Business Partnerships


    3. Facilitating Inbound and Outbound Investment

KOTRA HQ (Seoul)

KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), as Korea’s national trade and foreign investment promotion agency, has been promoting trade and supporting the business of Korean companies overseas and foreign companies in Korea with its network of 129 offices in 84 countries

KOTRA's Mission: To contribute to the well-being of the Korean people and the development of the human race by facilitating global business.